This Old Shack

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Elgin – My parents house, my bedroom closet 1968. Radio Shack Walkie Talkie Base Station modded for more range.Elgin – Rented house 1985. Kenwood TS-180s w/MC-50 mic, MFJ 941 Ant Tuner, C-64 w/1702 Color Monitor, 1541 FDD, Star SG-10 Printer, AEA PK-64 Multi Mode Controller
Lake in The Hills – My repurposed computer desk as my shack desk. Kenwood TS-180S w/ AT-180/SP-180/PS-180, C-64, 1702 Mon, 1541 FDD, Star SG-10 printer, AEA PK-64Glenn a co-worker and ham helping me out by making some changes on top of the tower without a harness. He’s very brave. You can see the Cushcraft ATB-34 yagi and Ringo ARX-2B 2m vertical on the left. There is a 40m loop going out to the back yard.
Algonquin – This is the top of my Wilson TT-45 crank up mast with a GP6 on top, next a PAR 70cm loop, then a PAR 2m loop, and then the Cubix “Scorpion-88” dual band V/UHF quad.Upgraded to 3el SteppIR w/2nd 6m director in 2003
Top-Bottom, L-R, Kenwood THG71 dual band HT, Icom PS-125, IC-910H dual band All Mode xcvr, Hygain Ham-IV controller, Bottom: PS-125, IC-756PROII, SP-23, Bencher BY-1 keyer paddle.
I found this computer desk on eBay in Wheaton which was perfect for the shack.Top shelf: KDK FM-2033 2m xcvr, AEA PK-900 MMC, Remote Ant Switch, Alinco DR-119 2m xcvr. Middle shelf: Dentron MT-2000A ant. tuner, Swann 1200ZX amp
I had to make room for the SteppIR and sold my Lightning Bolt 2el 5 band HF quad antenna.

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Dakota sleeps tonight”