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ImageMfgrModel#DescriptionPrice (USD)
LogikeyCMOS4Programable Electronic Keyer
Specs can be found here:
Radio Shack 21-1834 External Walkie-Talkie CB microphone $15

Idiom PressLogiTalker
The LogiTalker is a stand-alone voice keyer that goes between your radio and your microphone. It uses your regular mic to record up to four messages to be played back at the touch of a button. It’s the simple, easy- to-use, inexpensive way to save your voice in a contest! One message can be set to auto-repeat, which is perfect for running stations, or as a voice beacon, or for calling CQ automatically as a band opens.
425 Industrial Communication Engineers Ltd
Model 425 Low Pass Filter
See image for specs
The MFJ-1708SDR T/R switch uses a relay, which switches from transmit to receive mode. When no power is applied to the unit, it is in the transmit mode. Once power is applied the relay switches on and the unit is in receive mode.
When the unit senses RF or the control line is grounded from a keyer or PTT switch, it switches the relay off and the unit is in transmit mode. The delay adjustment allows you to change how fast the relay switches back to the receive mode. It is adjustable from 0 to 2 seconds. Make sure you just have a separate 12vdc input from your PSU.
Repeating: when no 12vdc is applied is applied to the RCA jack the SDR receiver is in TX mode. The PTT input trips the relay when you transmit taking the SDR jack off line (because now it’s in TX mode).
MFJ MFJ-924 The MFJ-924 440 MHz UHF Antenna Tuner covers 440 MHz. Its built-in SWR/Wattmeter measures SWR in 2 power ranges — 300 or 30 Watts. The meter is usable for the 440 MHz band. It will give you low SWR with practically any antenna. $75
ElecraftN-gen The N-gen can be used in conjunction with a software program such as Spectrogram to align IF filters in the K2 or in other receivers. It can also be used to align the RF stages in Elecraft XV Transverters or other HF, VHF, and UHF equipment. Note: The N-gen does not generate repetitive pulse noise, so it cannot be used to test pulse-type I.F. noise blankers such as the Elecraft KNB1 or KNB2.$40
NAXANX-985 FM Wireless Headset Mic
Transmitter, Receiver, Headset mic
Headset only has mic, no working ear phones
TE Systems4410G420-450 mhz /100w UHF Amplifier w/Preamp 10w IN/100W OUT$300

IcomOPC-59913pin DIN Male to 7 and 8 pin DIN Y cable$35