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I would like for these items to be picked up due to the fragility of some of the items.


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Excellent condition
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8 place

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for all 8
Franklin MintWizard w/
Crystal Ball
Guardians of the Crystal series$35

Franklin MintVulture King Guardians of the Crystal series $25

Franklin Mint Merlin Knife$15

Mysteries of
the Unknown
32 Volumes

1) Powers of Healing
2) Utopian Visions
3) Earth Energies
4) Cosmic Connections
5) Phantom Encounters
6) The UFO Phenomenon
7) Transformations
8) Hauntings
9) Eastern Mysteries
10) Secrets of the Alchemists
11) Psychic Voyages
12) Dreams and Dreaming
13) Mind Over Matter
14) Spirit Summonings
15) Search For The Soul
16) Mysterious Creatures
17) Psychic Powers
18) Visions and Prophecies
19) Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects
20) Mystic Places
21) Magical Arts
22) Time and Space
23) Witches and Witchcraft
24) The Mysterious World
25) The Psychics
26) Alien Encounters
27) Mysterious Lands and Peoples
28) The Mystical Year
29) The Mind and Beyond
30) Cosmic Duality
31) Search For Immortality
32) Master Index and Illustrated Symbols

Individual volumes will not be sold.
These are in mint condition, library quality

Sold as a set ONLY

I will not ship these items as it is extremely heavy. I will however deliver within 50 mi for $25 additional, $175 COD.