Model Train Items

In a former life I installed sound and control systems in G-Scale model trains. I no longer do this work as my eyes can’t see too well anymore. Which means I have a lot of parts left over. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is extra.

Wireless throttle
AristocraftSmoke UnitFan operated
BridgewerksMag 15 Bridgewerks Mag 15
15 Amp – 300 VA – pure DC Power Supply
* Multiple outputs
o 24 VDC
o 12 VDC
o 24 VAC
* Powers any controller, and many accessories
* Heavy current gold-plated plug
* Carry Handle
* Heavy all-metal construction
BridgewerksMag Mate 100 Auxilliary 1-track manual controller. Can be connected to any DC power supply or Magnum controller to add control for one additional track.
Speed governor
Switchable momentum
LED voltage & current meters
Reset circuit breaker
Fan cooled
Easy connect with mating cable & gold plated plugs.
CVPT9000Wireless Throttle
DigitraxDG580L5 Amp DCC Mobile Decoder
LGB reed switchesUsed to trigger sounds and other effects on your train layout. These are approx 1.25″ long by 1/4″ in diameter with 2 long wires. The square ones have 2 holes you can use to attach to the engine under carriage as well as double sided tape. Rare Earth magnet included. 68 available. These switches are for low current applications only. $1 ea.$1
MTHH-D MTH 70-74040 G Scale Harley-Davidson 40′ Box Car LN/Box $85
MTHH-DMTH 70-76031 G Scale Flat car with Harley trailer. If bought with above box car $75ea.$85
Phoenix 3.5″Speakers
Phoenix Speakers
USA Trains